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B.Lena AES Beauty Energy Serum Spray

30ML e 1FL OZ、200ML e 6.8FL OZ

AES Beauty Serum will make one’s skin more luster, elastic, and accelerate the skin’s membrane replacement, rapidly contract and de-wrinkle, preserve moisture, whitening, and improve the skin quality, and hence, make one looks young, healthy and beautiful.
One battle with multiple usages!
1. Stay up late: spray before bedtime and after wake up, immediate accelerate moisture and refresh
2. Before Makeup: spray before putting on makeup, let dry then start putting on primmer or foundation base and makeup, will make the makeup more obedient and reduce oil.
3. Makeup touch up helper: spray a little before and after makeup touching up to beautifully revive your makeup.
4. After sun soothing: spray before and after sun-exposure, effectively moisturizing and soothing after-sun skin discomfort.

Pricing 30mL NTD$980、200mL NTD$1800
Stock Availability AVAILABLE

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