About Lena International

About Lena International

LENA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is dedicated to find natural and innovative skincare and cosmetic product. Simple, fast and effective are the basis of all LENA products. We use natural ingredients to balance our skin and adjust skin metabolism, makes skin healthy and beautiful.

Distributors and Agents wanted: Our experienced beauticians can give you beauty information and techniques to help with your business growing.

OEM & ODM: Our professional staff can assist unique company like you to create your own unique skincare and cosmetic products. We promise to give you the best price with high quality products.

Cosmetics, Colors, Skin-care, Natural, Med+ Beauty.

We are professional GMP factory in Taiwan, welcome to contact us for inquiries.

Our best services

Skin-care Products

Responsibility is very important to us, so
our products are made with care.

Makeup Colors

Makeup simply makes you look prettier


Beauty is truth, truth beauty by John Keats.
We LOVE to be beautiful.