Our Founder - Winnie Hsieh


Winnie Hsieh


Winnie Hsieh started her beauty business in her early age. However, she was never satisfied with the beauty products usage outcome. Until she came across a raw material, which is natural and easy to use. She tried to convince her customers to use this material in their brandings, but not a lot of people believe in her. People couldn't understand how this raw material can work as strong as Winnie discriped. Therefore, Winnie, in year 2011, started her own brand "Lena." All the products in Lena were all tested on her own skin, Winnie's dry-wrinkled skin finally gets healthier and less-wrinkled.

Winnie always said that she had used almost every expansive brandings in the department stores to want to save her dried and wrinkled skin, but those products didn't work as well as they advertised, until she started Lena, and explored so many opportunities to truely make her skin healthier and prettier.

Thus, making women prettier and younger by using her products is Winnie's first goal when developing Lena.