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B.Lena Medical Grade Skincare Ultra Renewing Set

Solve Acne, Wrinkles, Spots, Dryness, Sensitive, Aging sign Problems
Youthful Miracles
No Pain, No Needles, No Laser, Solve Skin Problems, Makes Young, Beautiful, and Confidence!

Six Stages of Reviving and Whitening: Metabolize / Foster / Repairing / Treatment / Regenerating / Activation

Bring you perfect, healthy and beautiful skin.
Regenerate skin as a gentle rejuvenating agent, trigger metabolism of aging cuticle and lightening shallow spot, perform outstanding brightening and whitening effects, provide energy and glamour to skin. This treatment helps to solve problems of thick cuticle, large pores, fine-lines, accumulating melanin, and spots, and to instantly rejuvenate a newborn skin with great firmness and glamour. Fragile and sensitive skin can use to reduce allergy signs.

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