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B.Lena Perfect Hydration Brightening Serum Set

A legendary formula that revitalizes skin's inner strength; Adds fantastic support to preserve and radiate your skin; Rejuvenates radiance, suppleness and fairness to skin; Unveils a youthful luminous, glowing complexion.
「Natural soft skin technology」×「Pore tightening formula」×「Whitening Moisturizing De-Wrinkle」
Phase 1: use Perfect Hydration Brightening Serum - light skin color, for hydration and even skin color.
Phase 2: use Perfect White Brightening Serum - light purple color, for brightening and lighten up skin tone.
Phase 3: use Perfect Color Correction Brightening Serum - light green color, for skin color correction.
After each usage, you will feel your skin brighter, shine, hydrate, and beautiful.

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